Sean Murray finally breaks silence about No Man’s Sky, explains why he was quiet for so long

Sean Murray, the company director of Hello Games, along with the rest of the team behind No Man’s Sky, were met with extreme backlash when the hugely anticipated title failed to meet expectations.

They handled it all relatively well in comparison to some of the social media meltdowns we’ve seen from brands, instead of trying to toss around any blame or to engage in any kind of PR nightmare, they just kept relatively quiet, listened to the feedback they were getting, kept their heads down, and got to work.

no man's sky

The result of that hard work was their 1.1 update patch, that included a lot of new features and improvements to the game.

Most people would have appreciated a little more communication throughout the whole thing, but it’s good to know they were grinding away at getting this update ready for everyone.

They acknowledge that there’s still more to do, but Sean Murray explained the reason for the silence…


After creating so much hype for the game and not being able to deliver in the eyes of some of the fans and those who supported the launch, Hello Games decided to show rather than tell this time around. It would be devastating to have promised new features that weren’t ready on time, so this was a good move. This way, people are all surprised by what’s in the patch, rather than looking for ways that it missed the mark.

It remains to be seen what the future will have in store, and whether these future updates will deliver, but they’re off to a much better start than the initial launch. Free updates and continued support are a great way to show your players that you’re serious about this, rather than just throwing in the towel. Hello Games clearly believe in this title, and will be continuing to make strides to earn back the trust of gamers.