Flexispot E8 Standing Desk Review | Ergonomics On A Budget

You can have all of the fancy RGB lights and Funko Pop figures as you like, but if you haven’t got a centre piece desk to bring it all together then your gaming setup will always be lacking. That’s where the E8 All-In-One Standing Desk from Flexispot comes in. With a sturdy build quality and … Read more

Noblechairs Epic TX Gaming Chair Review feature

Noblechairs Epic TX Gaming Chair Review

The main issue with a lot of gaming chairs is that they’re leather or leatherette, which isn’t the ideal material in warmer environments. In 2022, it seems even the bigger gaming chair manufacturers are warming up to the idea of fabric covering for their chairs. Noblechairs Epic TX gaming chair is one of the market’s … Read more

The Best Streaming Setup For Under £400

Streaming is bigger than ever right now, with many gamers opting to watch their favourite personality play games than to have a go themselves. We can go into the reasons why people should and shouldn’t do this and make a big meal of it, but not today. Looking to get into streaming? Well, we think … Read more

Best Game Pass Cloud Gaming Setup

The Best Game Pass Cloud Gaming Setup

There are great things to be said about Xbox Game Pass. It allows players worldwide to get first and some third party games on day one as part of being a member whilst having an instant library at their fingertips. For those with a premium membership, cloud gaming is available on Android and via web … Read more

The Best Budget Razer PC Gaming Setup

The Best Budget Razer PC Gaming Setup

When it comes to PC gaming peripherals, the first company that comes to mind for many is Razer. Whilst they’re premium products with a price tag to match, it’s quite possible to look for the best budget Razer PC gaming setup without breaking the bank. Yes, players can go on Amazon and probably buy a … Read more

Govee Glide Hexa Panel Lights Review | A Must Have For Any Home Office

As if gamers didn’t need anymore RGB products to elevate their gaming setups, Govee is back again with another budget-friendly option to decorate your gamer cave. Light bars are always a solid choice, and light strips have been around for years. But if you really want to step up your lighting game, then panels are … Read more

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Review

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Review

For those who want it all alongside premium features and a reasonable price tag, Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller is an interesting proposition. Read More FragHero Tech Reviews Customisation is the name of the game in our current console generation. We all want to put a personal stamp on our tech, from custom plates for … Read more