Noblechairs Epic TX Gaming Chair Review

The main issue with a lot of gaming chairs is that they’re leather or leatherette, which isn’t the ideal material in warmer environments. In 2022, it seems even the bigger gaming chair manufacturers are warming up to the idea of fabric covering for their chairs. Noblechairs Epic TX gaming chair is one of the market’s shining examples.

Noblechairs Epic TX Gaming Chair Review

Noblechairs Epic TX Gaming Chair Review 1

The Anthracite variant is coloured in a light grey brush effect, making it stand out from the crowd and giving the overall chair a premium look and feel. It’s super soft and almost velvety in texture which is a subtle choice but helps make this gaming chair overall.

Here are some specifications to get the ball rolling:

  • Soft, reinforced fabric upholstery
  • Stylish Anthracite colour scheme: subtle dark grey with a brushed effect
  • Fully adjustable comfort with lumbar support, 4D armrests, and rocking mechanism
  • Highly durable, steel framework supporting up to 120kg
  • Powder-coated aluminium, 5-point base with 60mm casters perfect for soft or hard flooring
  • Office certified chair with durable gas lift (Safety Class 4)
  • Ergonomic shape with pronounced wings for the ultimate in gaming comfort

Comfort And Support – Noblechairs Epic TX Gaming Chair Review

Noblechairs Epic TX Gaming Chair Review 4

Representing the mainstay of fabric in the Noblechairs line-up, the material itself is reinforced with a cushioned poly-blend making it just as durable as others in its line. The fabric is also breathable, unlike leather and leatherette alternatives which means comfortable gaming and better heat distribution overall.

There’s also a velour head and lumbar support, but we’re just going for the head pillow, which is purely down to personal preference. Whilst they are nice additions, the head pillow is quite low compared to other gaming chairs on the market when fed through the two loop hopes on either backrest wing. We would recommend fitting the head pillow to the top of the chair as pictured above.

Precision Built – Noblechairs Epic TX Gaming Chair Review

Noblechairs Epic TX Gaming Chair Review 5

People value hand-made products, but Noblechairs insist on their product quality thanks to the completely automated build process of the chairs themselves, likening them to car manufacturing precision. To be honest, it shows when building the chair out of the box. Every single piece of this chair feels premium and well-made. It’s also the first gaming chair we’ve put together where the armrest bolts were in-line with the fabric holes. Beautiful.

Without the lumbar pillow, we can say a gamer’s back feels fully supported thanks to the wide and firm backrest. The pronounced wings don’t really factor in too much, but it’s nice to have that extra support when leaning and turning.

Fully Adjustable

Speaking of positioning, there’s 11° of movement on the rocker and a range of 90° to 125° on the backrest alongside 4D armrests making for a very comfortable gaming chair. Unlike other premium gaming chairs, the armrests are padded out with a firm plastic foam making them very comfortable.

Overall the build quality is spot on thanks to its stainless steel frame and 5-point starbase. It feels rock-solid, and the 60mm casters make for a smooth movement experience across carpets and hard floors. Noblechairs Epic TX gaming chair can support up to 120hg of weight too, which means most gamers will be amply supported.

This chair used cold foam for its cushioning which is high density and breathable. For those sick of sitting in a clammy chair, cold foam alongside the fabric covering make a great combination for comfortable and long gaming sessions.


Noblechairs Epic TX Gaming Chair severely undercuts the competition at £329.99 at the time of writing, yet provides premium features and sound design choices. We would happily recommend this gaming chair to anyone looking for a solid build quality that doesn’t break the bank.

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