Ludwig Is Planning A $1,000,000 Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament

After leaving Twitch to become a YouTube streamer, Ludwig has announced a huge new Smash Bros tournament. The tournament will have a prize pool of around $1 million. It’s including Smash Bros Ultimate and Melee, so both games get a chance to shine. This announcement comes after Nintendo announced its own esports circuit recently. Previously, … Read more

Pokimane Sets Up $100K Scholarship To Help Student Gamers

Carrying on her yearly tradition, Pokimane has launched a new scholarship to help student gamers with their tuition. Last year, Imane “Pokimane” Anys announced she would give money to student gamers through scholarships every year. A year later, she’s kept that promise with the help of the American Video Game League. Pokimane is paying for … Read more

Streamer Says She’s Owed Thousands Of Dollars By Twitch

Twitch streamer ‘bbjess’ has asked for help after the streaming platform allegedly failed to give her the thousands of dollars she’s owed. Bbjess posted on social media claiming that Twitch owes her “tens of thousands of dollars”. Despite her payout method meeting the requirements, she hasn’t been paid revenue for October. Bbjess starting her streaming … Read more

Summit1G Reckons He Can Beat F1 Driver Lando Norris At iRacing

Summit1G has been playing so much iRacing recently that he reckons he’s ready to take on the Formula 1 driver, Lando Norris. Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar has spent the last few weeks getting properly stuck into competitive online racing. With a ridiculously expensive racing rig setup, the streamer has enjoyed showing off his newfound driving skills … Read more

It Turns Out Amouranth Is Excellent At Multitasking While Streaming

We all know that Amouranth is dominating the streaming game, but we’ve now learned that she does it all while doing some heavy duty multitasking. Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is renowned among Twitch streamers for being one of the most prolific, if controversial, influencers. She’s leading the charge in some of Twitch’s breakout categories, including the … Read more

Streamlabs Under Fire For Plagiarism, Changes Name

Streamlabs is under fire for plagiarising the products of other companies, and it now says it’s changing its name. Streamlabs recently announced the release of Streamlabs Studio. This is a new product that brings web-based Twitch streaming to Xbox and removes the need for streamers to use capture cards. However, other companies have pointed out … Read more