Pokimane estimates what she’d make on OnlyFans, and the amount will shock you

Famous Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys has predicted how much she’d make if she had an OnlyFans account, and the amount is pretty massive.

As one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch, it’s no surprise that she would earn a lot of money from OnlyFans. Other streamers like Amouranth or Alinity have earned huge payouts from making OnlyFans content. But unlike them, Pokimane hasn’t made an OnlyFans account, and doesn’t have any plans to.

That hasn’t stopped her from estimating how much she would earn if she decided to do so. And according to what Poki said in a recent stream, she would stand to make millions from making OnlyFans content. She said she would earn between “$1 million and $10 million” if she made an account.

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Pokimane and OnlyFans

But she reiterated that if she doesn’t want to do something, it doesn’t matter how much money it would allow her to earn, she still won’t do it. She said the same about gambling streams a while ago, and made that point again here.

Poki claimed “Whether it’s OnlyFans, gambling, or whatever… I think it’s pretty clear at this point that if I don’t genuinely want to do something – and it doesn’t matter how much money I can make doing it – I’m not going to do it. There is just nothing I hate more than that torturous feeling of doing things I don’t like to do.”

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That’s a pretty good attitude to have. And it’s also worth bearing in mind that she already earns tons from her streams, so there’s even less of a reason to attempt it.

It seems there’s no future where Pokimane ends up making an OnlyFans account. Still, it’s crazy to think about what she would earn if she changed her mind one day.

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Featured Image Credit: Pokimane/OnlyFans