Thor Love and Thunder comes to Fortnite

Some new Thor Love and Thunder skins have been added to Fortnite, tying in with the brand new MCU film. Thor: Love and Thunder is the latest film in the MCU. It follows Chris Hemsworth as Thor, who is on a quest to find inner peace. On his journey, he encounters Gorr the God Butcher, … Read more

First-Person Mode Could Be Coming To Fortnite Soon, Says Leaker

A first person mode could potentially come to Fortnite, according to new leaks on Twitter. It wasn’t too long ago Fortnite received a much-requested feature in No Build mode. That mode has been requested by fans for a long time, as some never really meshed with Fortnite’s building mechanics. The mode became popular with people … Read more

Pacman X Fortnite

Pac-Man Is Making Its Way To Fortnite

The world’s most ridiculous crossover is getting another strange addition with Pac-Man making its way to Fortnite. Fortnite has been making waves for years with all kinds of crossovers with different franchises. Whether it’s Uncharted, Halo, Star Wars, Marvel and even music artists like Ariana Grande or Travis Scott, Fortnite is always expanding its roster. … Read more

Fortnite Update 3.55

Fortnite Update 3.55 – Everything You Need To Know

Fortnite update 3.55 is live for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One/X/S and PC as of 5th May 2022. Whilst this isn’t a content update, a separate update for Chapter 3, Season 2, the third major game patch this season, dropped a few days ago. Fortnite News and Guides Battle for Tilted Towers was introduced … Read more

Fortnite OnlyFans

Couple Who Met On Fortnite Now Earn Thousands From OnlyFans

A couple who met on Fortnite are now earning thousands from OnlyFans content together. The pair, Erin Sanaghan and Tyler Thompson, first met in a game of Fortnite. Erin works as a support worker, and Tyler is a bricklayer. But their side hustle is quickly becoming a major earner for them, and it involves making … Read more

Fortnite To Bring Back Building Very Soon

Fortnite is reportedly about to bring back building to the game after removing it last week as part of the new season, if a new source and leak is to be believed! According to Fortnite News, the return of building is happening this week and will result in another narrative shift. The game will keep … Read more