Couple Who Met On Fortnite Now Earn Thousands From OnlyFans

A couple who met on Fortnite are now earning thousands from OnlyFans content together.

The pair, Erin Sanaghan and Tyler Thompson, first met in a game of Fortnite. Erin works as a support worker, and Tyler is a bricklayer. But their side hustle is quickly becoming a major earner for them, and it involves making content on OnlyFans.

The couple first met after a friend brought them together for a game of Fortnite. Tyler said “We both met through someone else on the game. It’s crazy that if we didn’t join the lobby together we would have never met. It took about a month until we met in person and we used to play every night together.”

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Credit: Erin Sanaghan and Tyler Thompson

Why Did The Fortnite Couple Decide To Use OnlyFans?

According to Erin, they’ve been together for two years and four months. The pair, who are from Doncaster in South Yorkshire, earn up to £5000 every month making X-rated content.

At first, they joked about joining OnlyFans together. However, it soon became a reality after they decided to see if they could earn extra income.

Tyler said “We both love to have sex and we thought why not try something different and get paid for it, and luckily it’s worked out really well for us. It has been life changing because we don’t have to stress about anything.”

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Featured Image Credit: Erin Sanaghan and Tyler Thompson/Epic Games