Find my Samsung – Never Lose Your Phone Again

No need to panic, find my Samsung is an easy and effective tool to help you locate your device in a few minutes. With these steps, you will be able to find your device within minutes. Android Guides – Everything You Need To Know Find my Samsung – Never Lose Your Phone Again How to … Read more

EU Mandates That The iPhone Must Have USB-C From 2024

The EU has mandated that all mobile phones, including the iPhone, must have a USB-C charging port from 2024 onwards. European policymakers have decided that, by the end of 2024, iPhones must allow for USB-C charging. It has been suggesting that there should be a single standard for all devices, and it’s finally becoming reality. … Read more

iPhones Are About To Look Much More Like Android With iOS 16 Update

Apple has revealed a plethora of new features for the iOS 16 update at a recent worldwide developer conference. To start, Apple is challenging Klarna and ClearPay with its own take on their service. It’s introducing a new “buy now, pay later” scheme where users can pay for products in regular instalments rather than one … Read more

NASA Has Discovered An Earth-Like Planet, But There’s A Catch

NASA has discovered a planet which has been described as an “ExoPlanet” very similar to Earth, but there’s just one small catch. On this earth-like planet, it rains lava. That’s right, it pours lava from the sky. This planet’s climate is so unique In a press release from both NASA and McGill, the planet known … Read more