EU Mandates That The iPhone Must Have USB-C From 2024

The EU has mandated that all mobile phones, including the iPhone, must have a USB-C charging port from 2024 onwards. European policymakers have decided that, by the end of 2024, iPhones must allow for USB-C charging. It has been suggesting that there should be a single standard for all devices, and it’s finally becoming reality. … Read more

iPhones Are About To Look Much More Like Android With iOS 16 Update

Apple has revealed a plethora of new features for the iOS 16 update at a recent worldwide developer conference. To start, Apple is challenging Klarna and ClearPay with its own take on their service. It’s introducing a new “buy now, pay later” scheme where users can pay for products in regular instalments rather than one … Read more

NASA Has Discovered An Earth-Like Planet, But There’s A Catch

NASA has discovered a planet which has been described as an “ExoPlanet” very similar to Earth, but there’s just one small catch. On this earth-like planet, it rains lava. That’s right, it pours lava from the sky. This planet’s climate is so unique In a press release from both NASA and McGill, the planet known … Read more

How to take Screenshot on iPad

iOS Guides – Everything You Need To Know

So, you’ve just bought a brand new iOS device and are hoping to make the most of it. Alternatively, you’ve had an iOS device for years and are now starting to run into problems with it. Either way, we’re here to help. Here is a comprehensive lists of guides that will serve as your companion … Read more