how to install ring doorbell

How To Install Ring Doorbell – Everything You Need To Know

You are probably here because you’ve recently purchased a ring doorbell and are trying to figure out how to install a Ring Doorbell. Ring Doorbells are extremely popular as a form of tech that records anyone who walks near your door. They allow you to talk directly through your doorbell using your phone and also … Read more

How to Reset Alexa – All Generations Listed

When things go wrong with devices, the first bit of advice you will receive is often to turn them off and on again. In other words, reset the device. If you have Amazon Echo, you may need to know how to reset Alexa on that device so that you can get your device back to … Read more

The UK Might Be Getting A Royal Mint NFT

Her Majesty’s Treasury has announced a a Royal Mint NFT, claiming that the UK government is looking to increase cryptoassets in the country.. The announcement came from the Twitter account of HM Treasury. The statement reads: “Chancellor Rishi Sunak has asked Royal Mint to create an NFT to be issued by the summer. This decision … Read more

Elon Musk Twitter Edit Button

Twitter Is Finally Adding An Edit Button

Twitter users rejoice! It seems that an edit button is finally on the way to the platform. An edit button has been one of the most requested features on Twitter for a long time and it seems that the team are finally listening. They said on Twitter. “now that everyone is asking… yes, we’ve been … Read more

Razer Headset Saves A Man From Being Shot In The Head

A Razer headset has saved a man from being shot in the head by a stray bullet, according to a Reddit post and photos. A Reddit user has posted photos and claimed that the only reason he was still alive to share the news was that the Razer headset had saved his life. It supposedly … Read more

New Dyson Zone Headphone Design Has A Built In Air Purifier

Dyson has announced brand new ‘Zone’ headphones that not only give you crisp sounds, but also give you fresh air as you listen! Dyson started user trials back in 2017 to attempt to refine the idea and continued them over the years. This has led to development hitting a head in 2019 and subsequently refining … Read more