New Dyson Zone Headphone Design Has A Built In Air Purifier

Dyson has announced brand new ‘Zone’ headphones that not only give you crisp sounds, but also give you fresh air as you listen!

Dyson started user trials back in 2017 to attempt to refine the idea and continued them over the years. This has led to development hitting a head in 2019 and subsequently refining said headphones.

The Dyson Zone webpage reads as follows:


Dyson engineering expertise enabled us to develop our first wearable device. With a 2-stage purification system capable of filtering city fumes and pollutants. So, wherever you are, you can breathe purified air. The visor channels a continuous stream of purified air to your nose and mouth, without touching your face. For natural, comfortable breathing with no stuffiness.”

Credit: Dyson

Dyson Zone – What’s the cost?

There’s no sign of a price here, but what we do know is that this took six full years of research in order to get to this stage, with five-hundred different prototypes made. That’s a hell of a lot of failed prototypes, so we can only imagine that you’ll have an amazing experience with them!

It’s certainly a weird invention. I have to say personally, the way I breathe has never really been at the forefront of my mind whenever I listen to music, but it seems like something that could be pretty damn useful. Especially during the age of masks, this could eventually prove as a more comfortable alternative.


Still, what do you think – is this a stupid invention designed simply to make money? Or will you be picking it up? Let us know below!


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Featured Image Credit: Dyson