Snowpang Island Lost Ark Guide

Snowpang Island Lost Ark is a great resource location, with some cool special items dotted around too. Like other islands in Lost Ark, Snowpang Island is built from pieces of Arkesia’s history and can be found scattered in between continents.

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Snowpang Island Lost Ark

PvP Quest – Snowpang Island Lost Ark

Players can get the Snowpang Island Token as a chance reward from the Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch that drops when players complete the PvP Adventure Island quest.


This PvP quest is a snowball fight, players simply need to pick up snowballs from the ground to throw them at other players. Be careful of the blizzards that roll through during the match too, luckily Lost Ark shows players safe spots when this happens.

First Place Rewards:

Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch and 6,000 Silver


Second Place Rewards:

Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch and 3,000 Silver

Quest Chains – Snowpang Island Lost Ark

Quest GiverQuest NameRewardsNotes
SisterLittle Sisters Wish10,000 Silver
MarySister, have you grown up?15,000 SilverThe player needs to revisit the island after the previous quest has been completed.
MarySister, are you a Snowman?Offensive Battle Item (Random Chest)The player needs to revisit the island after the previous quest has been completed.
Ice Spirit EnriHelp, Ice Spirit500 GoldLocated at Ice Butterfly Cliff
Ice Spirit EnriWith the power of snowflakesRed/Pink/Blue Snowperson Muffler or +1 KindnessLocated at Ice Butterfly Cliff

Mokoko Locations – Snowpang Island Lost Ark

There is a grand total of two Mokoko seed locations that can be found on Snowpang Island that can be found behind the Christmas trees on both ends of this festive promenade. It’s a good idea to collect Mokoko seeds whenever possible, finding a Mokoko vendor may prove lucrative for players who have been saving up.



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