Lost Ark Patch Notes March 31

Lost Ark Patch Notes March 31 – Major Bugs Still Remain

Update: It’s been announced via the Lost Ark Twitter that all servers in all regions will be restarted to address the issues. Following the release of the Lost Ark Patch Notes on March 31, a five-hour server downtime hit players around 9 AM this morning UK time (12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC). At … Read more

Snowpang Island lost ark

Snowpang Island Lost Ark Guide

Snowpang Island Lost Ark is a great resource location, with some cool special items dotted around too. Like other islands in Lost Ark, Snowpang Island is built from pieces of Arkesia’s history and can be found scattered in between continents. Find all of our Lost Ark guides content here PvP Quest – Snowpang Island Lost … Read more

Lush Reed Island Lost Ark

Lush Reed Island Lost Ark Guide

Lush Reed Island Lost Ark is yet another adventure island with lots to do and explore, although it’s jam-packed with reeds making it hard to see anything a player may be looking for. Find out how to grab the Winter Illusion Token here Co-Op Quest – Lush Reed Island Lost Ark PvP fans will enjoy … Read more

Winter Illusion Token Lost Ark

Winter Illusion Token | Lost Ark – Everything You Need To Know

The Winter Illusion Token Lost Ark debate has been going on for some time now, with many players having their own theories on where to locate and buy them. They can also be found in raid loot too, although some would say they can’t. See where we’re going with this? Find all of our Lost … Read more

Lost Ark New Animal Skin

Lost Ark New Animal Skin Showcase – Check Out The Gratitude Pack

Looking for a new Lost Ark new animal skin? Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studio are finally giving players the gratitude their western players deserve by making the previously Korean exclusive Gratitude Pack available for everyone. The main question on everyone’s lips is, what’s included? Click here for more Lost Ark guides Well, the main takeaway … Read more

Lost Ark Omen Skin

Lost Ark Ghost Horse: What Is It And How To Unlock It?

The latest update for Lost Ark has brought with it a mighty amount of new endgame content for players, but fans are especially excited over the new Ghost Horse mount. RPG players can’t seem to get enough of spectral horses. First it was Shadowmere in Skyrim, then Torrent in Elden Ring. Now, it’s the Ghost … Read more