No Man’s Sky Finally Releases Massive Update That Fans Have Been Begging For

Hello Games has released version 1.1 of No Man’s Sky, and with it come some very noteworthy changes to the game. This update is completely free for everyone who owns the game, and it won’t be the last of such updates.

“This is the first of many free updates.” – Hello Games

After a vague announcement last week about the upcoming Foundation Update to No Man’s Sky that they said would lay the foundation for more changes down the road, it’s now here for us to judge for ourselves. Here are some of the major additions to the game…

There are now 3 game modes in No Man’s Sky: 

  • The one called “Normal mode is the original chilled exploration experience that you’re used to.
  • The one called “Creative mode allows you to explore the universe with no limits, and to build bases as well.
  • Finally, the one called “Survival mode changes up the dynamics of the game, with an emphasis on endurance.

While playing Creative Mode, you can access the new Base Building feature. You start by finding an empty base, and you can customize it into your own specs. You’ll recruit aliens to work in your base, to work on farming, engineering, weapons, and more. You can build additional storage in your base, as well.


Farming allows you to cultivate crops both in and outdoors, and you can harvest them for resources. This update includes a lot more resources and technologies, along with other features which are all listed here.

This was a very solid update, and reception from gamers has been overall positive so far. Some players still felt a bit burned by the launch of this title, but an update like this definitely helps to soften the blow. Especially since Hello Games has really made a point to emphasize the fact that this is just the first step in the right direction, and that they have a lot more planned for No Man’s Sky, including plenty more free updates.

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