PS4 Warframe Received New Free Updates

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber with the PlayStation 4 console then chances are you’ve played Warframe. Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative shooter developed by Digital Extremes, yes that’s right it’s a completely free game for your console! If you’re a fan of the gameplay then you may find interest in the new free update that comes with a slew of improvements and content, news of which comes from the official PlayStation blog.

New Warframe 

A brand new Warframe is now at your disposal. Known as the Zephyr, this is an air-based Warframe that specializes in speed. Since the Zephyr is the lightest Warframe, gamers can take full advantage of quickly unleashing several attacks on an opponent in lightning fast speeds.


A brand new HUD design is at play. The changes allow a more information to be displayed for the player and their team but will be customizable for your needs. This will also be obtrusive during gameplay which is always a plus in my book.

New Game Mode

Lastly, there is a new gamemode known as Interception. A standard capture based game mode.

Here’s how Interception works: four areas are highlighted on the map that players or enemies can control. Staying in proximity to the capture point keeps control of areas, but watch out for the Grineer, as they can capture a point by simply hacking nearby consoles. Holding a capture point accumulates points for your total score. Whichever team reaches the max score first wins the round, and then you simply need to clear the area of remaining Grineer to complete the mission.
The more points you hold, the faster your score goes up. When the round’s over, the score is reset and players have the option to claim their reward and quit, or continue to fight on for a bigger reward similar to Defense mode.

Gamers can pick up the latest update right now for Warframe on the PlayStation 4.


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