F2P Shooter Loadout Coming To PS4

If you’re looking for a fast paced shooter that’s also free-to-play then look no further. Loadout has been announced for the PlayStation 4 and it will allow you to build the gun of your dreams. Check out the latest screenshots, trailer and video game details now. The upcoming Loadout video game is being brought out by Edge … Read more

PS4 Warframe Received New Free Updates

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber with the PlayStation 4 console then chances are you’ve played Warframe. Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative shooter developed by Digital Extremes, yes that’s right it’s a completely free game for your console! If you’re a fan of the gameplay then you may find interest in the new free update … Read more

Sony’s “fastest growing segment” goes to DC Universe Online

With the next-gen consoles around the corner, it seems like free-to-play games are popping out like flowers in spring. Even though some may disagree with the business model of free-to-play, Sony has made known that they are definitely on board. President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley was in a recent discussion, from which he … Read more