Soulja Boy Faces Lengthy Prison Sentence After Selling Fake Games Console

Soulja Boy has been in the spotlight recently after unveiling a range of suspicious-looking tech items, including a smart watch and games console. Images of tech products started cropping up on Twitter, from the ‘SouljaGame console’ to the ‘SouljaGame handheld’ – all bases have been covered. lmfao soulja boy what you doing — . … Read more

New Spider-Man DLC Is Out Next Week And It Introduces A New Enemy

Insomniac Games and Marvel’s Spider-Man  launched with some of the most impressive numbers possible, rocketing to success and becoming the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive of all time. Even though it’s been only a month since its release, it’s just been announced that the first DLC for the game is already on its way, and will be … Read more

Guitar Hero’s Hardest Song Finally Gets Beaten – At 150x Speed!

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock was undeniably one of the best Guitar Hero games ever released (in my very humble opinion), and although it’s been ELEVEN WHOLE YEARS (!) since the game first launched, it still holds a lot of fond – and less than fond – memories for millions of gamers the world … Read more

Atari Just Revealed What Their New Console Will Look Like

Spoiler: it looks incredible. Atari’s upcoming console, the Ataribox, combines the wood paneling and ribbed plastic of the past with the sleek, slim, minimalist design of the present. Two versions will be available for purchase: one with wood paneling, and one with red plastic. At this year’s E3, a teaser was released for the Ataribox. … Read more

6 Best Selling Video Game Consoles of All Time

The gaming industry is a lucrative one- there is a lot of money to be made. With every year comes new consoles and new games. Here are the 6 most popular consoles of all time. 6. Xbox 360 Xbox 360 exclusives like Halo 3 and Gears of War helped push this console above its closest … Read more