Brand-New Witcher Game Coming This Year

CD Projekt RED might have its hands full with the mammoth job of Cyberpunk 2077 right now, but that hasn’t stopped the creation of a brand-new addition to The Witcher universe.  Okay well it might not have Geralt of Rivia in it, but it will have a lot of Gwent-style play, and we’re definitely excited for this one.  Thronebreaker: The … Read more

New The Witcher 3 Gameplay PC 60 FPS

CD Projekt Red has revealed New Witcher Wild Hunt gameplay video featuring segments from the game prologue and Skellige islands. The video is in stunning 1080p HD 60FPS and looks amazing. CD Projekt Red did also reveal today that The Witcher 3 will be 900p 30fps on the Xbox One and 1080p 30 fps on … Read more

New Watch Dogs: 13 Minutes PS4 Gameplay

Today PlayStation Access shared a 13 minutes  of  Watch Dogs  PS4 gameplay. I have to say it look very promising! The commentary over  the gameplay share some very  insightful details to us. Pointed out within the video, we learn that there are eight different points in the game you need to be very aware of. If you’re … Read more

PlayStation Now Beta Version 2.0 Update – New Games Added

PlayStation Now is Sony’s answer to the backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 4. While the PS4 can’t play PS3 titles, this service would allow gamers to stream select PS3 video games from the cloud. Right now the PlayStation Now service is in beta and an update added new playable titles. The update is reported by … Read more

Assassin’s Creed Film Receives New Writers

Ubisoft and New Regency are bringing out a featured live-action film of Assassin’s Creed. This isn’t information that is new, we’ve known for awhile that this film was in the works but now we have two new writers hired to look over the script. Reported by Deadline, the live-action featured film based off of the … Read more

New SOMA Trailer “Dives Deep into The Darkness”

A brand new trailer for the horror title SOMA has been released. This trailer reveals something quite big about the game that has been in secret since the announcement. Watch the trailer and learn the deep dark secret that surround the horror game. With the trailer, we learn that SOMA is actually set underwater. Somewhere … Read more