Popular Streamer Appears to Capture Evil Spirit Live on Facebook

Something really crazy just happened on a Facebook Live stream when Hammy TV were exploring a creepy old abandoned mental hospital. It’s like a scene right out of Silent Hill. A few minutes into their stream, around the 8:40 mark, the viewers started losing their minds when a mysterious figure walked right across the screen. You have to … Read more

GTA V players trigger secret hidden mission, find alien crash site in the game

Recently, some clues emerged that something was going to happen involving the Chiliad mystery. People had scoured the source code for the Gunrunner update, and found some clues involving Chiliad, aliens, government agents, a busted up spaceship, and more. Now, the pieces are falling into place. It still required a little ingenuity to trigger the mission: “Well guys, … Read more

Apple’s first augmented reality apps look amazing

Apple has been showing off their foray into augmented reality and it looks very impressive, and useful too. Before anyone asks, these apps aren’t available for Android… But there are apps that can help you migrate your Android device over to an iPhone, so there’s that. Some of the applications they’ve been showing off serve … Read more

Modern Warfare: Remastered officially confirmed but there is bad news

The standalone version of Modern Warfare: Remastered has finally been announced for everyone who took a pass on last year’s higher-end CoD bundles but still wants to relive the glory years. The only problem is there’s a few problems with that. For starters, it’s going to cost $40. That’s forty big ones for a remastered … Read more

A Way Out dev hits out at the PS4, makes terrible comparison

A Way Out is getting some buzz as an interesting co-op game, but one of the developers has pointed out that there’s a specific reason we’re not seeing more unique and interesting games, and says that it is due to hardware limitations on consoles compared to PC. This topic came up due to the forced … Read more