Apple’s first augmented reality apps look amazing

Apple has been showing off their foray into augmented reality and it looks very impressive, and useful too.

Before anyone asks, these apps aren’t available for Android… But there are apps that can help you migrate your Android device over to an iPhone, so there’s that.

Some of the applications they’ve been showing off serve some very practical and useful purposes, others just look fun as hell.

The tape measure app, and the ability to determine the length and width of objects, opens a lot of possibilities. There are a lot of industries and jobs where this could become very useful, for example interior decorators and movers. Imagine being able to open up the Ikea catalog, seeing something  you like, and then instantly placing it in your living room at the proper scale to see how well it will fit, or being able to tell right away of that new sofa will even fit through your door.

Not to mention stuff like this, which was shot using an iPhone:

Or how about Minecraft in your own backyard?