Apple TV+ Is Free For PS5 Owners – Here’s How

Apple is offering a massive six-month free trial of its Apple TV+ streaming service to people who own a PlayStation 5 console. Apple TV+ is the tech giant’s answer to the Netflix and Amazon Prime services of the world. Most of the company’s hardware comes with a trial. However, if you’ve not bought a new … Read more

Apple Is ‘Planning On Releasing A Cheap Version Of The MacBook’

It looks like Apple might have finally listened to its customers and is preparing to release a cheaper version of the MacBook. According to sources close to the production, Apple are planning on releasing a lower-cost laptop that will be very similar to the MacBook Air. Apparently the new product will look very similar to … Read more

Apple’s first augmented reality apps look amazing

Apple has been showing off their foray into augmented reality and it looks very impressive, and useful too. Before anyone asks, these apps aren’t available for Android… But there are apps that can help you migrate your Android device over to an iPhone, so there’s that. Some of the applications they’ve been showing off serve … Read more

The iPhone 8 Will Include These Very Big New Features

Some HUGE information regarding the iPhone 8 has recently been leaked to the internet, and it looks like the iPhone 8 might be the first in the next generation of smart phones- phones that are levels above the ones currently on the market. Keep in mind- there is no guarantee that all of these features … Read more

BioShock Heading To Mobile Platform Not PS Vita

Not too long ago, 2K Games has teased the internet by releasing an image related to the BioShock series. While the image left gamers guessing and wondering if 2K Games was releasing another installment of the BioShock series, the development company finally unveiled what they have in-store. BioShock, the first installment in the BioShock series … Read more