Apple Is ‘Planning On Releasing A Cheap Version Of The MacBook’

It looks like Apple might have finally listened to its customers and is preparing to release a cheaper version of the MacBook.

According to sources close to the production, Apple are planning on releasing a lower-cost laptop that will be very similar to the MacBook Air.

Apparently the new product will look very similar to the traditional Air, only it will include thinner bezels around the screen, which will remain about 13 inches – a smart move considering this has long-been an annoyance of Apple users everywhere.

The new screen will also feature a higher resolution ‘Retina’ display, again marking an extremely welcome move for anyone who has used an Apple product with Retina display and then gone to a product without.

Apple’s current MacBook Air remains the only laptop to not feature Retina display. Last year the company updated it with a faster processor option but the product hasn’t seen any major overhaul in several years.

The new Air will be geared towards users who want a cheaper alternative to the 12 inch Macbook which launched in 2015 with the unwelcome starting price of $1,300. It will also target schools who buy the products in bulk

It appears Autumn is going to be an extremely busy time for Apple in terms of unveiling new products.

A professional-focused upgrade to the Mac mini desktop has also been rumoured with this cheaper product.

Three new phones seem all but nailed on for the company too. Amongst the trio is thought to be the biggest iPhone to date, an upgraded handset the same size as the X and a cheaper alternative with some of the X’s standout features.