The Rings Of Power Teaser Trailer Was Made Using Practical Effects

It turns out that yesterday’s teaser video for Amazon’s ‘The Rings of Power’ Lord of the Rings TV show was made using practical effects. Lord of the Rings fans went wild yesterday as Amazon released its first teaser trailer for the upcoming TV show. With the title of the show previously unknown, we now know … Read more

It’s Been 5 Years Since This Hilariously Bad Trailer For The Mummy

It’s been five years since what might be my favourite Hollywood blunder ever – the time that Paramount published this hilariously bad trailer for The Mummy. The Mummy was touted to be a tentpole movie for Paramount. Tom Cruise had a huge vision that he was going to create something akin to the Marvel Cinematic … Read more

The New Warzone Pacific Map Is Closer Than You’d Think

The “biggest year of content ever” begins soon when Vanguard launches on November 5th, and Warzone is undergoing some huge changes. Warzone is being renamed to Warzone Pacific, and Verdansk is being replaced by a brand new map, ‘Caldera’, in the first season of Call of Duty: Vanguard content. The new map is roughly the … Read more