Portal on Nintendo Switch v Portal on Steam Deck Graphics Comparison

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The Portal games are two of the best games of all time. Whether they’re the best is obviously up for discussion and completely down to preference but there is no denying the quality of the two games.

Despite it being 15 years since the series debuted it has enjoyed a long life with gamers thanks to backwards compatibility and some fantastic pricing in sales. It has also just appeared on Nintendo Switch. The Portal Companion Collection contains both Portal and Portal 2 and is pretty darn good.

With it being an older game that means that it’s obviously not going to look as fancy as a game made from scratch in 2022 but for a handheld experience it still holds up well. How does it compare though against Valve’s own console the Steam Deck?

Image Credit: Valve

Check out our graphics comparison video at the top of the page for a dive back into the world of Aperture Science to see whether you’re best picking up the Nintendo Switch version of the game or if you’re better with the Steam Deck version.

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Featured image credit: Valve