Angela Bassett wins Golden Globe for ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ performance

Actor Angela Bassett becomes the first actor to earn a major award for a Marvel movie after winning a Golden Globe for her performance as Queen Ramonda in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. 

On Tuesday evening, Bassett took home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. She beat Kerry Condon, Dolly De Leon, Carey Mulligan and Jamie Lee Curtis to the award.

She’s the first woman to ever be nominated for acting in a superhero film. She’s also the third person to win.

What other superhero movie actors have previously been nominated for a Golden Globe?

Before Bassett, only four superhero movie actors have been nominated for a Golden Globe.

In 1989, Jack Nicholson was nominated in the best musical/comedy category for his work on Batman. In 2016, Ryan Reynolds was nominated in the same category for his performance as Deadpool

Elsewhere, Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix were also nominated and subsequently won big for their roles as the Joker in 2008 and 2019.

However, the Joker is a DC Comics character. Therefore, this means that Bassett is the first Marvel actor to win big at the annual awards show.

Has Angela Bassett won an award for Queen Ramonda before?

This is also the second time that Bassett has earned an award for playing Queen Ramonda.

In 2018, she was part of the award-winning 2018 Black Panther group which won Best Ensemble at the SAG Awards.

During her acceptance speech, Bassett thanked Marvel fans for “embracing these characters and showing us so much love”.

She also gave thanks for the Black Panther: Wakana Forever cast being allowed to mourn, love and heal following the death of Chadwick Boseman

“We embarked on this journey together with love… we were surrounded each and every day by the light and spirit of Chadwick Boseman,” she said.

She then finished by saying, “we have joy in knowing that with this historic ‘Black Panther’ series. It is a part of his legacy that he helped to lead us. We showed the world what Black unity, leadership and love look like, behind and in front of the camera.”

Tuesday evening’s Golden Globe win was Bassett’s second of her career. In 1993, she took home the trophy for the best actress in a musical or comedy. This was for 1993’s Tina Turner biopic, ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’.

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