The iPhone 8 Will Include These Very Big New Features

Some HUGE information regarding the iPhone 8 has recently been leaked to the internet, and it looks like the iPhone 8 might be the first in the next generation of smart phones- phones that are levels above the ones currently on the market.

Keep in mind- there is no guarantee that all of these features will be part of the final product, and these are all rumors.

Credit: Business Insider

According to the leak, the iPhone 8 will have a plethora of new, futuristic features. On top of being waterproof and wireless charging (features that are quickly becoming industry standard), there is talk of the phone having a 3D camera (dual cameras on the back suggest this), having a curved screen, and getting rid of the home button. If the home button were removed, it would give the phone a bigger screen, but it might sacrifice finger-scanner performance. The fingerprint reader feature, which has been integrated into the home button for the past 3 generations of iPhone, would have to be moved under the screen.

Credit: 9to5Mac

In addition, there are rumors going around saying that the 8 could use facial recognition as a potential choice for unlocking the iPhone along with fingerprint and password. There is also talk of Apple releasing the next step in wearable tech- smart glasses. They would work similarly to Google Glass but be integrated with your other Apple devices. The glasses might also support augmented reality.

All images in this article are concepts- the official iPhone 8 has not been shown to the public yet.