BioShock Heading To Mobile Platform Not PS Vita

Not too long ago, 2K Games has teased the internet by releasing an image related to the BioShock series. While the image left gamers guessing and wondering if 2K Games was releasing another installment of the BioShock series, the development company finally unveiled what they have in-store.

BioShock, the first installment in the BioShock series that came out in 2007, will be making a release to the mobile platform. However, don’t expect to see the game on the PS Vita yet. The report from 2K Games reveals that the first BioShock game will be releasing on a series of Apple devices.

Ever since the announcement of a BioShock game years ago for the PS Vita, gamers have been waiting and waiting. Now that Irrational Games has closed down and the future of BioShock lays within 2K Games realm, PS Vita owners are still hoping to see something come out for their handheld.

The port of BioShock is being produced from 2K China and will be compatible with the iPhone 5S, 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and iPad 4. There is no indication as to when or if an android port will be released.