Sony boss talks PS5 and reveals when we can expect an announcement

Microsoft recently unveiled Xbox One X which is set to be the word’s most powerful console. At this point, people are wondering if Sony will try to compete against Microsoft’s new flagship.

However, the president and CEO of Sony, Shawn Layden, has confirmed that there will be some time until any announcement about the PlayStation 5 is made.

In a recent interview with,  Layden mentioned that the PlayStation 4 Pro is not a replacement for the original PlayStation 4.

The Pro is really only to offer advantages such as 4K resolutions and HMD for players who can and want to use that. Add to this a more stable image rate and larger hard disk space. But people who have a standard PS4 have no real disadvantages. Each of our games will continue to run on the classic PS4 and possibly slightly better on the Pro.

When asked if Sony is planning to announce the PlayStation 5, Layden said it would “probably be some time” before the reveal of the PS5.

Apart from that, the interview mostly covers Sony’s presentation on E3 in which they showed highly anticipated games such as Days Gone and Spider-Man. Although the future of the PlayStation 5 is uncertain, Layden’s answer certainly confirms that the new console will be released. It is just a matter of when.

Other companies including Microsoft and Nintendo have opted for providing upgraded versions of previous hardware as well. For example, Nintendo has different versions of the 3DS systems which all play the same games. It’s up the the user to decide what version to choose according to their preference.

Same thing goes with Microsoft for both their Xbox One and Xbox One S and upon release, people will be able to play any Xbox One game on their Xbox One X as well