This Battlefield 1 player just got the hardest possible kill in the game

There are plenty of ways to kill and be killed in Battlefield 1, but some people are just taking it to the next level.

Like barr0t1983, for example, who is on top of the leader board for the most sidecar kills by a wide margin. Not only that, but he has a lot less games played than anyone who is even remotely close to trying to snatch his sidecar kill crown.

You can watch his impossible kill here:

YouTube video

He puts this crazy killĀ at the very start of the video so you don’t have to watch through a bunch of nonsense. What a champ!

But that’s not all, not only are they sitting pretty at the top of the leader board for the most sidecar kills, they’ve also got a video of themselves getting the most ridiculous sidecar kill, maybe the most ridiculous and difficult overall kill in the game – sidecar or not.

While riding in the sidecar, they managed to approach an enemy who has also cruising around in a sidecar, and at the perfect moment they nailed the syringe kill. You’ve never seen anything like this before, it’s miraculous.