Popular Streamer Appears to Capture Evil Spirit Live on Facebook

Something really crazy just happened on a Facebook Live stream when Hammy TV were exploring a creepy old abandoned mental hospital. It’s like a scene right out of Silent Hill.

A few minutes into their stream, around the 8:40 mark, the viewers started losing their minds when a mysterious figure walked right across the screen. You have to watch pretty closely, but you can definitely make out what appears to be something walking across the top of the stairs as the explorers are discussing how to climb up to reach the 3rd floor of the building.

Check out the stream for yourself, just after the 8:40 mark:

Here are some more reactions from people who were viewing the stream:

Do you believe in ghosts? What if you saw one? The stream ended abruptly a few minutes later, and there haven’t been any further updates from the streams, nobody knows if they’re alright, or what happened to them. We hope they’re okay.