GTA V players finally find a new clue for solving the game’s oldest mystery

If you think you’ve done and seen everything there is to do and see in GTA V, chances are you’re wrong, but some people are starting to get closer to unraveling one of the game’s biggest and longest running mysteries thanks to some help from Rockstar themselves.

Not only has Rockstar been very dedicated to adding new features and updating things to keep people interested, but GTA V has built a rabid fanbase that just can’t seem to get enough, even as they navigate rocky terrain like the whole modding issue.

In GTA V’s highly anticipated Gunrunner update, players have found some code that hints at a solution to the epic Chiliad Mystery, one of the most intriguing little “side quests” in the game that ultimately leads you to the top of a mountain in the early morning to see a UFO. This mystery has spawned all sorts of crazy theories, and it seems like things may finally be getting resolved a whole four years later.

During that time, people have been searching high and low for a meaning to this mystery, even putting together big search parties of people to scour the source code, but no luck… until now.

In the source code for the Gunrunner update, there are things like aliens, an alien egg, a UFO that looks like it crash landed, and government agents who seem like they’re right out of Area 51.

It’s unclear how, if it all, you can activate all of this, or if they’re just tossing it in now with plans for a future update down the road. The smoking gun is that all of these new additions are tied to Fort Zancudo, which is no stranger to alien activity already.

Either way, there’s essentially a cult of people who have been obsessed with solving this mystery for years, and so this is huge news for the GTA V community and we’ll keep you posted with any new findings.