Killzone: Shadow Fall Completely Free For One Week

Tight on money or just unsure if you want to pick up the latest Killzone title Killzone: Shadow Fall  then no worries as Guerrilla Games will hook you up. For one week, you can take a stab at the online multiplayer with no PS Plus subscription required. Gamers can start playing this March 4th.

Best part of this event is that you won’t even need a PlayStation Plus subscription. Normally, a year’s worth of the service would run you $50. While you can take part of all the features PS Plus offers such as free video game titles to play each month, you can still enjoy the Killzone multiplayer online gameplay. The reason Guerrilla Games is allowing a free online gaming is to celebrate the latest free map pack. These new maps are entitled ‘The Hangar’ and ‘The Cruiser’ both will be available for download on March 4th.


killzone 2

Everyone will be able to play the new map pack and take on the new challenges set by the developers. Right now the set date to play Killzone: Shadow Fall online for free starts March 4th and will run until March 11th. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on trying the Killzone: Shadow Fall or if you already own the title, will you be playing the new map pack being released this upcoming week?

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