New Free Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Maps

New multiplayer maps are available completely free for Killzone Shadow Fall. The maps comes from the developers Guerrilla Games where those who are within North America can download the games right now, Europe’s download will be ready tomorrow again, free of charge. According to the PlayStation Blog, the map names and details are as follows: … Read more

Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets Four-Player Co-Op DLC

Developer Guerrilla Games announced that PlayStation4 shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall will get a  four-player co-op mode this June when the Intercept DLC is released. The mode will allow you to team up with three of your friends to intercept military transmissions from the enemy; each one will take a choose a specific role, Assault, Marksman, Medic, and Tactician. The enemy Helghast will also … Read more

Killzone: Shadow Fall Completely Free For One Week

Tight on money or just unsure if you want to pick up the latest Killzone title Killzone: Shadow Fall  then no worries as Guerrilla Games will hook you up. For one week, you can take a stab at the online multiplayer with no PS Plus subscription required. Gamers can start playing this March 4th. Best part of … Read more

Guerrilla Games Explains Killzone: Shadow Fall’s File Size

Right now Killzone: Shadow Fall clocks in at 39.7 GB, which is only relevant if you plan on downloading it. If you are, be thankful. At one point in time the game clocked in at a staggering 290 GB. Thanks to Eurogamer we know. Guerrilla Games’ Technical Director Michiel van der Leeuw said that “the … Read more

Guerrilla Games: It Takes Four Times the Effort to Makes PS4 Games

Despite being analogous to the PC by having the same architecture, it seems that the PS4 still requires more effort to make a game on it. This is according to Lead Designer Eric Boltjes of Guerrilla Games, makers of Killzone: Shadow Fall, in an interview with VG247. “The architecture is really cool because it’s easier … Read more

Killzone: Shadow Fall ‘Multiplayer Team Deathmatch’ Gameplay

Developed by Guerrilla Games, Killzone: Shadow Fall is the sixth game in it’s ongoing series. It is a first person shooter that takes place thirty years after the events of Killzone 3, a heated battle befalls between the Helghast and Vektan for their right to live and survive. Killzone: Shadow Fall is a PS4 Exclusive, … Read more