Guerrilla Games: It Takes Four Times the Effort to Makes PS4 Games

Despite being analogous to the PC by having the same architecture, it seems that the PS4 still requires more effort to make a game on it. This is according to Lead Designer Eric Boltjes of Guerrilla Games, makers of Killzone: Shadow Fall, in an interview with VG247.

“The architecture is really cool because it’s easier to develop for. You get more memory; you get more hard drive space; you get more processing power, so the architecture is easier.

“It’s also a lot more demanding, because the production effort needed just to make a next-gen title now is not doubled; it’s quadrupled. That’s because everything needs to look that much better. It takes a lot more people, la=dn that takes a lot more communication. So it does it makes things a lot easier from a technical standpoint, but from a professional standpoint it makes things a lot harder.”

When looking at the new games, it’s easy to imagine the work that has to go into them to create them. But we’ve often heard that the complex architecture of the PS3 was a severe limiting factor in creating games and the effort caused budgets to skyrocket. The PC architecture was supposed to make things easier and yet it seems like it’s just exacerbating the problems the industry is already facing.