PlayStation Says It Will Never Abandon Single-Player Games

PlayStation has reassured players it will never abandon single-player, story driven games on its platform. The gaming industry today is rapidly changing, with many live-service titles becoming new market leaders. Even single-player games try to incorporate features from these games, and some single-player only gamers feel they are being left behind. However, PlayStation has become … Read more

Morbius Marvel Movie Was Supposedly Inspired By Pokemon, Says Director

Daniel Espinosa, director of the upcoming Morbius Marvel movie, has said that the movie was inspired by the Pokemon series. In an interview with IGN, Espinosa stated the visual effects of the movie were partially inspired by Pokemon, a series that his daughter has recently gotten into. “I have a daughter who is six years … Read more

God Of War TV Series Could Be Coming Soon To Amazon Prime

A God of War TV series could be in the works soon at Amazon, according to a report by Deadline. PlayStation’s iconic action-adventure franchise is “heading to television”, with Prime Video in talks to produce a live-action series based on the video game series. The report states the series adaptation will come from The Expanse … Read more

Disney, Sony And Warner Bros Halt Film Releases In Russia

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Disney, has announced it will halt all upcoming film releases in Russia. The announcement came on Monday, in the midst of the ongoing war between both countries. Warner Bros and Sony have also followed up with their own announcements, halting their films in Russian theatres too. Disney’s statement reads, “Given … Read more

PlayStation Plus Game Pass Equivalent Could Be Coming Soon

A PlayStation Plus Game Pass equivalent could be coming to the console soon, according to reports. Xbox have seen massive success with the Xbox Game Pass. It allows players to have access to a large library of games for a relatively cheap fee. Many see it as the main reason to play on Xbox currently. … Read more

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is finally out in the wild for players to enjoy with thousands of players continuing Aloy’s journey. This massive open world adventure shares plenty of similarities with the last game, Zero Dawn, but it does plenty to bring new ideas to the table too. As such, even experienced players might need a … Read more