PlayStation Plus Game Pass Equivalent Could Be Coming Soon

A PlayStation Plus Game Pass equivalent could be coming to the console soon, according to reports.

Xbox have seen massive success with the Xbox Game Pass. It allows players to have access to a large library of games for a relatively cheap fee. Many see it as the main reason to play on Xbox currently.

However, PlayStation could be coming out with their own version of Game Pass soon. Last year, reports of a “Project Spartacus” began to emerge, suggesting that Sony was working on an overhaul of PlayStation Plus. This would be a more direct rival to Xbox Game Pass.

What Is Sony Planning?

VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb has suggested that this new service will include three tiers – Essential, Extra and Premium. These will apparently cost $10, $13 and $16 a month respectively.

New PS5 and PS4 System Software Betas Roll Out Tomorrow – PlayStation.Blog
Credit: Sony

The Essential tier is basically just PlayStation Plus as we know it today. The Extra tier includes an assortment of downloadable games with around 300 titles. And the Premium tier will also give subscribers access to “classic games”, as well as cloud streaming.

What “classic” means here is unknown, but it could be a collection of PS1, PS2 and PS3 titles.

However, until Sony makes any official confirmation, we won’t know for sure what the plan actually is. Grubb expects them to make the announcement soon, saying “it’s probably getting pretty close to this actually launching.”

It definitely makes a lot of sense for Sony to compete with Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has seen a lot of success with the service, and Sony is no doubt eager to try their own version.

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[Featured Image Credit: Sony]