This Company Will Give You $1,000 And A Free PS5 To Play Games For Two Days

The PS5 has been difficult to get hold of for many, but this company is offering to give away a free one if you partake in a study.

Gaming can be difficult, we know that. It’s hard to balance your actual responsibilities in life with your hobbies. ZiplyFiber is hoping to rectify that for one lucky person. In what can only be described as an massive opportunity, they’ll pay you $1,000 and give you a free PS5 if you partake in a study for them.

Credit: ZiplyFibre

Free PS5?!

The website states that:

As any serious gamer knows, it’s easy to spend hours trying to beat the next level until adulting gets in the way. At Ziply Fiber, we know that gamers are constantly being pulled away from their consoles.

That’s why we created the Video Game-cation Dream Gig to reward one die-hard gamer with a new PS5 and two undisturbed days of non-stop gaming.”

According to the site they’re looking for, “someone passionate about gaming but no longer has the time to do it like they used to. This gamer can prove that they don’t just want a Video Gamecation, they NEED a Video Game-cation.”

It’s quite the tempting offer. PS5’s have been notoriously difficult to get a hold of since they released almost two years ago now due to a chip shortage and the global pandemic. That alone would be enough to entice a gamer. However, the money makes this something that people will be fighting in the streets to get to.

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Featured Image Credit: ZiplyFibre/Sony