8 Most Abused Camping Spots in Battlefield 1

When we talk about camping in video games we are referring to the specific activity of staying hidden and waiting for enemies to come to you in order to kill them. This tactic is commonly abused in first person shooters and many gamers consider it to be a minor form of cheating, because the player using it is not actively engaging in the gameplay but rather sitting still and waiting for the action to come to them. A bad a reputation as it gets, camping is utilized by many players and Battlefield 1 is the newest FPS where players can camp. In today’s video we wanted to find out what are the 8 most used camping spots in this game!

YouTube video

The Roof of Ballroom Blitz
ballroom blitz battlefield1
If you manage to climb on top of Ballroom Blitz you can have a vantage point over the whole yard that spreads below you. From this high spot and with the aid of all the fortifications that are around, you can practically play a game of duck and shoot. When in a heated fight all you need to do is to find the right moment to sneak out and get on the roof, from here on you’ll have the best chances of winning over your enemies by simply pouring bullets on their heads.

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Water Tower near objective B
sinai desert battlefield 1
Capitalizing on the wasteland’s vastness and immensity, it’s very easy to find a secluded place where you can hide and wait until the enemy makes the first move. The Water tower from The Sinai Desert map is a well-known spot for camping, used and beloved by a big number of players. Here they can use sniping tactics and spot targets from a large distance and, at the same time, still stay hidden in a safe spot.

For detailed gameplay footage of the locations, please watch the above video.