Weekly Twitch Charts: League of Legends Rules Over All

After the momentous dethroning of Just Chatting last week, League of Legends keeps it from returning in the weekly Twitch charts.

Amazon’s New World seems to have started a new tradition. After surpassing Just Chatting by 12.1 millions hours viewed last week, Just Chatting has been unable to retake the throne. In its place League of Legends saw a 113% increase in hours, narrowly holding the top spot with 48.6 million hours. Just chatting sat at 46.8 million in second place.

Sadly that meant that New World saw a 48.1% decrease, down to 31.1 million hours in third place. However, it still managed to hold off others in a diverse time in the weekly Twitch charts.

Credit: Riot Games


Grand Theft Auto V managed to stay in the top five with a 8.2% increase in hours. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy’s announcement is likely responsible for its slight increase. Biting at the heels of GTA V was Dota 2, which saw a 303% increase in hours viewed. Dota 2 is kicking off its tournaments this week. However, tournament tickets were refunded as COVID cases surged in Romania.

Entering the upper half of the top ten we had Counter Strike and FIFA 22 in sixth and seventh. FIFA 22 was one of the series most successful launches, and EA recently announced that it is considering a name change for the series. Apex Legends came in next in eighth place, making a 21.8% dip in hours. We are coming to the final weeks of Season 10, however, I’d imagine we’d see a spike with the Monsters Within Event launching this week.

Rounding out the top ten, Minecraft and Fortnite both saw reductions in their viewership. Minecraft was sitting comfortably in the top five barely two months ago. Now it looks like it will fall out of the top ten after dipping another 25.8% in hours watched.

Heartbreakingly, Battlefield 2042 missed out in the top ten spot, despite a rise of 260,000%. The beta was at the heart of many conversations this week, after its buggy beta divided fans. Warzone saw its first rise in a while, likely due to the launch of Season 6. This will be the last season before Verdansk is blown up.

What would you have liked to see in the top ten of the weekly Twitch charts? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Riot Games