Fortnite To Bring Back Building Very Soon

Fortnite is reportedly about to bring back building to the game after removing it last week as part of the new season, if a new source and leak is to be believed! According to Fortnite News, the return of building is happening this week and will result in another narrative shift. The game will keep … Read more


ShiinaBR Drops New Fortnite April Crew Pack Trailer

ShiinaBR is one of many Fortnite streamers that dropped the new Fortnite Crew Pack for April trailer yesterday. This big deal here is exclusive cosmetics that can’t be found anywhere else in-game or in-store. Is no build Fortnite here to stay? ShiinaBR Drops New Fortnite April Crew Pack Trailer For those new to Fortnite, Fortnite … Read more

Ninja Responds To The Divisive Fortnite No Build Mode

Ninja has responded to the new Fortnite No Build update, which added a mode where players can’t use the building feature. Ninja has been known for his Fortnite gameplay for a while. As the game rose in popularity, so did the streamer, and he’s still playing it today. However, a recent update which removed the … Read more

It Looks Like No Build Fortnite Is Here To Stay Permanently

Fortnite fans have been absolutely loving the recent addition of a No Build mode, and it looks like the mode might be here to stay permanently [via GamingBible]. As part of the Fortnite story in Chapter 3 Season 2, Epic Games removed the player ability to build structures. Building is a key gameplay component of … Read more

Epic Games Uses Fortnite To Raise $36 Million In A Day For Ukraine

Epic Games has raised $36 million in 24 hours thanks to sales from Fortnite, and it’s all going towards helping Ukraine. The company announced that all proceeds from Fortnite over the next two weeks will be going towards support for Ukraine. The country has been devastated by Russia’s invasion, which is still ongoing. The $36 … Read more

Fortnite Has Removed Building – But Will It Stay Gone?

Epic Games has removed the building function from its main mode in Fortnite, but is the feature gone for good? The building mechanic in Fortnite has been around since the very start. It allows players to farm materials and build structures to help them gain an advantage in combat. While one of the defining features … Read more