Lost Ark Is Already A Hit Before Even Going Free-to-Play

Lost Ark has already become a hit on Steam, reaching 532,476 concurrent players before even going free-to-play. Lost Ark is an MMO originally released in South Korea back in 2019. It recently released in the west after being published by Amazon Games, and players have already swarmed to it, making it the sixth-biggest Steam release … Read more

New World Is Losing A Lot Of Players Every Week Since Launch

New World is losing players at a consistent rate each week, over a month after the game’s launch. New World is Amazon’s big MMO that came out recently, and many were excited to get stuck into it. When it launched, it became one of Steam’s most played games on the platform. However, as time went … Read more

Streamer Banned From Amazon’s MMO For Milking A Cow In-Game

Amazon’s debut MMO, ‘New World’, is off to a rocky start as one streamer got banned after milking one of the in-game cows [via Dexerto]. Popular Twitch streamer AnnieFuchsia was playing Amazon’s upcoming MMO last week when she received a ban for unusual reasons. In the game, it’s possible to milk cows in return for … Read more