Lost Ark Is Already A Hit Before Even Going Free-to-Play

Lost Ark has already become a hit on Steam, reaching 532,476 concurrent players before even going free-to-play.

Lost Ark is an MMO originally released in South Korea back in 2019. It recently released in the west after being published by Amazon Games, and players have already swarmed to it, making it the sixth-biggest Steam release of all time. It lands just below New World, another MMORPG by Amazon Games.

However, what’s impressive is that the game is supposed to be free-to-play, but that version of the game isn’t quite here yet.

When Does The Free Version Release?

Lost Ark will be free to play on February 11th. The current version is for players who bought the “Founder’s Pack” to get early access. So the game is already reaching high player-counts without even needing the free-to-play option.

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Credit: Amazon Games

That means we can expect to see even more players hopping in to Lost Ark when the free version comes out very soon. That could push it even further up the Steam charts, as there will plenty of people who are holding off until the free version is out.

Lost Ark has also made an impact on Twitch, where it reached a huge 1.2 million viewers on release day. It remains to be seen whether the game’s audience will last, but those are impressive numbers for a new game.

So Lost Ark has exceeded expectations in the west, and it’s only going to get more popular later on.

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[Featured Image Credit: Amazon Games]