Streamer Banned From Amazon’s MMO For Milking A Cow In-Game

Amazon’s debut MMO, ‘New World’, is off to a rocky start as one streamer got banned after milking one of the in-game cows [via Dexerto].

Popular Twitch streamer AnnieFuchsia was playing Amazon’s upcoming MMO last week when she received a ban for unusual reasons. In the game, it’s possible to milk cows in return for a consumable item.

AnnieFuchsia’s character goes ahead to milk the cow before being hit with a swift “permenent ban’. The popup reads: “You have been permanently banned. Reason: [You have been banned].”

The information isn’t particularly helpful when trying to figure out exactly why AnnieFuchsia was banned. Hilariously, the banner at the top of the popup is even spelled incorrectly, as the streamer points out. Given that the ban occurred immediately after milking a cow, you’d have thought that would be the event that triggered the ban. You can watch it here.

Luckily, master MMO streamer Asmongold was on hand to shed light on the situation. He says that he has a contact at the developer of New World and that the ban was clearly accidental.

“I talked to someone from New World,” Asmongold says. “They’re watching the stream and they said it was an accident, and they’re looking into it.”

Asmongold has also jumped onto the New World beta after a dalliance with the other popular MMO, Final Fantasy XIV. He’s been very much welcomed into the FFXIV community, with some players even going as far as to create his streaming setup in the game.

At least spell it right!

New World is set to be released on 31st August this year, but is currently in a closed beta phase. With pre-release code, it’s understandable that some of the spelling errors and false bans have slipped through the cracks. What’s less forgiving is that the MMO appears to be bricking some player’s RTX 3090 graphics cards. You know, the ones that cost several thousands of pounds? Ouch.

Let’s hope that Amazon can iron out the kinks before it launches properly next month. Are you looking forward to playing New World? Let us know across our social channels.

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