Battlefield 6 – 10 ways a new Battlefield needs to be better than 2042

With many players writing off Battlefield 2042 completely, plenty of gamers already have their sights set on Battlefield 6 and what that might be. While DICE and EA are sticking firmly to their guns with keeping Battlefield 2042 alive, it certainly feels like the project may be a lost cause at this point. Especially when … Read more

All the upcoming Star Wars games coming out soon

It’s a fantastic time to be a Star Wars fan. Whether you’re interested in watching the new Disney+ shows or reading the expanding lore in the comics, there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into. In addition, there are plenty of upcoming Star Wars games coming out soon that look to be absolutely spectacular. … Read more

The internet is debating whether online teabagging is sexual assault

Twitter is currently kicking up a storm as the conversation has arisen that debates whether teabagging in an online setting counts as sexual assault. The conversation began when screenshots surfaced of a private Discord server’s chat log. While the original post has since been deleted, duplicates have since been posted. One message reads that “iftbaggging … Read more