Battlefield 2042’s New Mode Sounds Like Halo Forge

In case you missed it earlier this evening, EA and Dice have revealed the next mode coming to Battlefield 2042 and it sounds a lot like Halo Forge. The mode is called Battlefield Portal, and it’ll allow you to customise your Battlefield experience in a huge variety of different ways.

Strictly speaking, it’ll allow you to change almost everything about the game such as player abilities, game mode rules, weapon restrictions, and much more.

Customise your experience In Battlefield 2042

Alongside the seven maps already confirmed for Battlefield 2042, this mode will also feature the return of six classic maps from the franchise including Bad Company 2’s Arica Harbor and Battlefield 3’s Caspian Border.

This also includes teams of soldiers from different eras, so you could have a team of World War II soldiers fighting against futuristic 2042 soldiers. While there are some balance concerns here, EA says that is up to the players to decide. Since you can tweak all the options, there will definitely be ways to fine tune this.

battlefield 2042
Credit: EA/Dice

Some more examples of what you can do with the Battlefield Portal mode include having a team of one soldier in a tank versus an entire squad of foot soldiers, or even having a small squad of four up against 100+ AI bots.

If you ask me, the possibilities for this mode are endless. It really seems like this will be Battlefield’s most ambitious mode yet.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/Dice