Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Shutting Down After Just One Year

Just a year after it launched, Ubisoft is shutting down the Tom Clany’s Elite Squad mobile game.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad launched on 4th October last year. Only available on mobile devices, it brought together characters from all of the Tom Clancy games and pitted them against each other in turn-based battles. There are characters from the Splinter Cell games, Ghost Recon, and even Rainbow Six Siege.

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However, the game doesn’t appear to have proven sustainable for Ubisoft. The development team has announced that support for the game will cease with servers closing down on 4th October this year.

“It is with a great deal of sadness that we are announcing we will no longer be releasing new content for Elite Squad,” reads a post on the Elite Squad website. “Today’s update will be our last, and on October 4th, 2021 we will shut the servers down.

“This was not an easy decision, but after exploring multiple options with our teams, we came to the conclusion that it was no longer sustainable.”

The post ends by thanking players for being a part of the community and gives best wishes to those who may still want to grind to max level before the servers shut off in a few months. It’s always sad to see developers have to shutter games that they’ve worked hard on, especially when there’s a tight community surrounding them, however small.

Another one bites the dust

Regardless, the Tom Clancy moniker lives on. Ubisoft recently announced another new project that looks to unite all of the Clancy properties under one roof. Tom Clany’s XDefiant was announced earlier this week. It takes factions from other Clancy titles, like The Division and Splinter Cell, and pits them against each other in an arena-style shooter.

XDefiant is due to begin early testing soon, though online response seems tepid so far. The like to dislike ratio on the reveal trailer indicates that it’s not quite what fans are looking for. Hopefully, the project can last a little longer than its Elite Squad predecessor.

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft