Streamer Banned From Amazon’s MMO For Milking A Cow In-Game

Amazon’s debut MMO, ‘New World’, is off to a rocky start as one streamer got banned after milking one of the in-game cows [via Dexerto]. Popular Twitch streamer AnnieFuchsia was playing Amazon’s upcoming MMO last week when she received a ban for unusual reasons. In the game, it’s possible to milk cows in return for … Read more

Someone Has Found All Of The Banned Words In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 gives you a bit of creative freedom when it comes to things like naming your horses, but that doesn’t mean Rockstar Games is going to let you get away with using any old word under the sun. A Reddit user by the name of cherryfractal has compiled a pretty extensive list of all … Read more

Fallout 76 Players Permabanned For Extremely Offensive Harassment

Bethesda has reportedly permabanned a group of players for their incredibly offensive actions in the newly-released Fallout 76. Branding themselves the “gay eliminators,” a group of friends took it upon themselves to shout homophobic slurs during the online multiplayer game whilst killing other players. Twitter user AJpls shared a video of the offensive attack and … Read more

This country has banned a Valve game that doesn’t even exist yet

The country of Uzbekistan has been on a rampage banning video games that the government deems as too violent. On that list are the usual suspects, like Call of Duty, Doom, Postal, Manhunt, even Castlevania… but on their list of banned games is one game in particular that really stands out, mainly because it hasn’t … Read more

Large Amount of Call of Duty: Ghosts Players ‘Permanently Banned’

Word has been buzzing that a large amount of Call of Duty: Ghosts players, mainly PS3 and PS4 players, have been targets of a permanent ban. It seems that most people that are banned was due to exploiting, cheating, boosting, and maybe even offensive language. But what about those that didn’t hack? There are quite … Read more