CoD Player Banned From Twitch After Accidentally Firing Gun During Stream

A CoD (Call of Duty) streamer has been banned from Twitch after accidentally firing his gun during a video while intoxicated.

Professional player Carl Reimer was pretending to threaten someone after they accused him of having no money. The idiocy continues as he jokingly talks to camera, before emptying the clip. Well, at least he thinks he has. The footage shows him then in shock as the gun goes off – shooting his drink and effectively ruining quite an expensive-looking monitor.

He was part of SoaR Gaming, however they quickly released a statement distancing themselves from him, and removing him completely. They tweeted: “We do not condone the actions on livestream by Carl last night. He has been removed from the SoaR Gaming roster effective immediately.”

He’s now released a few statements of his own, admitting that he made a ‘mistake’ and apologised for being drunk and streaming.

One of them is a video, where he says: “I’m sure you guys saw the clip from my stream last night, you probably saw the Tweet from SoaR, I’m not SoaR anymore and rightly so. I made the biggest mistake of my entire life last night, and it could ruin my life. I just wanna thank SoaR, for doing what they needed to do and I don’t know. I just really appreciate SoaR and everything they’ve done for me, and I hope you guys know I have no hatred towards them or anything like that. I have nothing but love for those people. And they did what they needed to do, because I’m an idiot. It’s just that simple,

“I’m so unbelievably stupid, and I could’ve possibly ruined my life. I could’ve hurt somebody. I could’ve hurt myself. I could’ve hurt one of my animals and that’s unforgivable. I just don’t know what I’m gonna do now, I’ve put everything into my Twitch. The last three, four years… I’ve done it every single day. I make this one mistake and it might ruin everything. I just want you guys to know that that is not okay – what I did. Whatever happens, I deserve it. It was my fault. And as much as I want to take it back, I can’t.”

He later Tweeted about his partner, disputing rumours that she had left him following the incident. He wrote: “Just so you guys know Aliciya and I are still together, idk who decided to start spreading that but she’s the most supportive thing in my life. She was unbelievably upset for me and still is, at least I still have her.”

As it stands, there’s no news regarding whether or not Twitch will eventually lift Carl’s ban.

Featured image credit: Twitch