Insurgency: Sandstorm is Finally Heading to Console!

Insurgency: Sandstorm has been a hit on PC for quite some time, but the developers at New World Interactive have finally announced a release date for consoles.

What’s This Game About? 

Described as “war at its realest”, Insurgency: Sandstorm is a team-based, tactical FPS. You’ll fight other gamers to the death using close-quarters combat.

It’s the long-awaited sequel to the fan favourite Insurgency. The developers, New World Interactive, say that Sandstorm will be “bigger in every way” than the original. We’re especially excited for the inclusion of HDR audio, which will really help put the fear back into the genre!

Credit: New World Interactive

When is the PS4 and Xbox Release Date?

This epic award-winning tactical shooter has had fans guessing for months if a console port was on the cards. So we’re very happy that this fan favourite is now finally coming to PS4 and Xbox One!

Published by Focus Home Interactive on PC back late in 2018, the console version of Insurgency: Sandstorm was actually developed by New World Interactive alongside the PC release. It was always meant to release side-by-side, but the game was sadly delayed until 2019 following the trailer at Gamescom 2018.

But, after years of waiting, the game is finally coming to these two consoles on August 25th. Will you be picking up this classic?

Credit: New World Interactive

Will There Be Another Insurgency: Sandstorm Beta?

Insurgency: Sandstorm had two individual betas before its release on PC. This has long time fans wondering if they’ll be able to sign up again for a PS4 or Xbox beta. 

If we consider the popular online infrastructure that supports this shooter (as well as the INSANE level of detail involved), we think it’s likely we’ll hear about an Insurgency: Sandstorm beta, or even an alpha, sooner rather than later. However, nothing has been announced at the moment. So if you’re holding out for a console beta, keep your eyes out on official channels!

We’ve marked August 25th in our calendars already – are you excited for this release?

Featured Image Credit: New World Interactive