New World Is Losing A Lot Of Players Every Week Since Launch

New World is losing players at a consistent rate each week, over a month after the game’s launch.

New World is Amazon’s big MMO that came out recently, and many were excited to get stuck into it. When it launched, it became one of Steam’s most played games on the platform.

However, as time went on, players started to lose interest in it. This is normal for a game – most will have an initial peak before players start to drop off. But New World is still losing them at a consistent rate with no signs of slowing down.

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Credit: Amazon

According to Paul Tassi on Forbes, the game is losing 100,000 players every week. On October 3rd, the game had a peak count of 913,000 players. Here’s how the player count changed from then to now.

October 3rd: 913,000
October 10th: 726,000
October 17th: 608,000
October 24th: 508,000
October 30th: 404,000
November 7th: 304,000

What Does This Mean?

As you can see, the game is still losing 100,000 players at its peak every week. Normally, you would expect the decrease to slow down as the game shrinks to its more dedicated playerbase. But that isn’t happening just yet.

It’s safe to say the game isn’t going to lose all its players, but it doesn’t bode too well for the future of New World. If the game can’t find a way to keep more people engaged, it could cause problems. After all, New World is an MMO, and people typically put a lot of time into them.

As more titles start to come out, New World could see even more trouble coming its way. The big Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is almost here, and other big releases are coming too.

Many New World players have reported a lack of things to do in the endgame, which is usually an important part of all MMOs. And Amazon are committed to supporting this game for years, so this player count drop-off could be worrying. Hopefully the game can find a way to grab people’s attention again.

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